Internet Services Support and Maintenance

Hosting Services

Our clients enjoy a specific hosting package that suits their needs. As our customer websites grow, we automatically transition their hosting to the next level of course with their authorisation. This saves our clients’ money in terms of excess bandwidth, use and speed. See our hosting packages for more information.

Website Design & Apps Development

All businesses need a professional website. In the past, these type of website have been very expensive, CompuGate can guide you to ways to get a website design done without going over your budget. We can design any known type of website. Please feel free to check out our website design portfolio.

Website Maintenance

After developing your website, you need to make sure that all information is up to date and correct, and well secured. In case of security issues like hacking or malware even certificate errors, CompuGate will make sure that your website keeps on top of this by bringing in very efficient and quick solutions, and implement technologies that prevent future security issues or errors.

apps development

Custom Web Solutions

Web Applications are websites that are more than just online brochures; they act as tools for connecting members online, and are well-suited for member associations, organizations, and other business entities where members can benefit from online interaction.
By using databases, these dynamic websites bring the power of software applications online.
CompuGate provides avenues in building custom web applications that complement the way your organisation does business. We endeavour to address the specific needs of your organisation, and can be used by any computer with an internet connection on a Mac, PC or Linux or all mobile devices with an internet connection.

e-Commerce Solutions

CompuGate provides a tailored solution that is built to meet your business’ specific requirements. Using our dedicated procedures we analyse, design, develop and deliver to make sure that your solution is perfect for your business.

Our e-commerce solutions include

  • Online Shopping Cart facility: This provides an efficient way of keeping customer order details throughout the consumer’s online shopping activities.
  • Online Authentication facility: This facility authenticates users to access a secure areas of a particular site.
  • Online Catalogue facility: provides a user friendly way of looking at large inventory listings.
  • Online Statistics facility: provides statistics on specific data needed for future decision making.
  • Online Payment facility: This allows the secure collection and transmission of online payments’.
    Online Inventory: presents inventory stock levels with a user friendly interface at any given time in order to be managed.

Intranet & Extranet implementation, maintenance & support

CompuGate can provide a road map to help your business implement a new intranet and extranet. This process analyses existing PCs and servers, the software needed and considers licensing conditions. Our expert technicians and engineers will then set up the systems and manage them once up and running.

An intranet and extranet site is not a “fire and forget” enterprise. CompuGate helps the decision makers of your organisation with the planning of the sites and continues the implementation and maintenance.
These processes include coordinating the roles and responsibilities of the people involved, developing common standards, setting appropriate goals and objectives, and defining the maintenance practices that will be used. If there is no maintenance of these sites, they can be a waste of valuable tools such as trainings and connections with company 3rd parties.

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